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What Our Customers Say About Our Products

Samantha C says-

I’ve been using the Khey Tatt on my tattoo (recommended by a friend) and it is amazing! My tattoo was peeling horribly and after one use of this stuff the peeling stopped and my tattoo looks amazing!

Rebecca M. says-

My kids have very sensitive skin and this is the first skin care products I have found that never give them a rash.

Melanie C. says-

My 2 now 3 year old struggles with eczema. Thanks to kheyleve it’s gone. Anytime it starts to pop up I can just put a little on and it’s gone. So thankful for being introduced to these great products.

Kristin F says-

I LOVE these products. I use several of the items. Cheeky, lip balm, cherish acne cleanser and moisturizer, boost & khey tatt. The khey tatt is FANTASTIC for tattoos ! I didn’t peel at all!!! I let my friend try it as well, she started peeling with another product. As soon as she tried khey tatt it stopped šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ» now she is hooked ! Please don’t waste time and order your supply!

Why Tallow

One of our signature ingredients in our products is Organic Tallow from grass-fed cows. Tallow is high in Vit A, E, and K; which closely resembles collagen in the skin. Tallow forms a protective, yet permeable barrier that maintains moisture and strength in the skin cells. Tallow, therefore is able to absorb deep within the layers of the skin, helping to reduce dryness at the cellular level, as well as aiding in repairing damaged tissue. 

About Beeswax

Organic Beeswax is high in Vit A and acts as a natural resistant barrier to draw and lock water into your skin. It is wonderful for soothing irritated skin, such as eczema. Along with Tallow, beeswax helps reduce dryness and exfoliates skin, which may help to reduce wrinkles. 

About Us

Kheyleve Naturals is formulated by Lisa Hood RN, and endorsed by Carl Rosen M.D.

We are a family business, in Chugiak, Alaska. My daughter Ashley, and my husband John, are part of my team. Ashley is my manufacturing partner, as well as my office manager. John is my IT guy, and photographer.

The name Kheyleve (Kay-Leave), is actually a tribute to our Jewish family heritage. We took a Yiddish word that means tallow or fat and Americanized it……. And yet we still confuse people with the pronunciation!!

We provide organic skincare that nourishes skin as well as providing our customers with the highest quality, handmade beauty products. We believe that using ONLY pure, natural and organic ingredients is essential not just to our health but to the effectiveness of our products as well.

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