Cherish Acne Formula Cleanser is a perfect blend of Tallow, organic ingredients and essential oils to help balance acne prone skin.

Cherish Acne Formula Cleanser

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Cherish Acne Formula Cleanser is a perfect blend of Tallow, organic ingredients and essential oils to help balance acne prone skin. We once believed that we had to use harsh cleansers to clean our blemish prone skin, but it’s simply not true! Gentle cleansing, and balance is what is needed!  Its gentle to use on sensitive skin, with no chemicals or fragrances. This is an OCM (oil cleansing method), which is great for acne prone and combination skin types. Many traditional cleansers can wreck your skin, and do serious damage by stripping your skin of healthy oils, which are essential for the balance of healthy skin. So lets take back your healthy skin with Cherish Cleanser.


As with any new facial product you need to allow 2 weeks for you skin to adjust to a new cleansing regimen. Special instructions of how to cleanse using the OCM are included with each purchase.

**Please note these products do not contain preservatives. Use with clean DRY hands and do not introduce any water into product to keep product fresh and free from any potential of bacterial growth. 


Ingredients: *Tallow from Organic grass-fed cows, *Jojoba Oil, *Castor Oil, *Pumpkin Seed Oil, *Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Calendula Oil, Therapeutic grade essential oils: Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense.


*Denotes an organic ingredient

Net weight: 3.4 oz

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Wish I’d discovered this sooner, but thx to Dilley here I am. :)

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect but faithfully used this for 14 days before writing this. I was a little skeptical, having never used anything like it before but can honestly say my skin is loving it! My face has a smoothness that it’s never had and am so glad I took the plunge! The ingredients are very comforting in the sense I’m not putting anything odd or chemical-y on my face as I feel paying attention to not only we put in, but on our bodies is the key!

Being not only able to support a fellow MAGA, but also a military family is very important to me and being able to cut out the middleman and order direct is the icing on the cake especially in this current situation we find ourselves in.

Simply put, I’m a fan and will continue to order from Lisa in the future. Thanks for what you do for our country and thank you for such great products. I can’t want to try out more of your items and will gladly refer my friends and family to you. :)

It's working on our teen soon

Very good product

Cleanser & Moisturizer

I love the way my face feels! I’ve stopped buying Lancôme’s moisturizer and cleanser because to me this is by far superior.

Love it

This product is great. My skin had began breaking out for some reason. Since using this product my skin has cleared up. Wow unbelievable is all I can say. I will continue to use this product. Thanks

Amazing, Your skin will thank you!

I'm in my 40's, have combination, sensitive, and acne prone skin. I had given up at this point on my face. After 3wks of using this product I'm amazed at the results! My blemishes are clearing up. My laugh lines are less prominent. My face is more youthful and glowing. My skin is happy again! My hubby looked at me the other day and said, "Your face looks really great. Did you do something to it today"? Thank you so much! I'm forever in your debt Kheyleve!