About us

    Kheyleve Naturals is a family owned small business started in Chugiak, Alaska. Lisa is a Registered Nurse who has a passion for holistic living, and helping customers find skincare which nourishes their skin naturally. Our journey began when John returned from Desert Storm with skin issues.

    Lisa began formulating body butter for him, which he loved, because of the amazing affect on his skin!  We quickly realized that Grass Fed Tallow, being full of vitamins and minerals was acting like "Super Food" for his skin and bringing relief!! While we certainly never tested on animals, we had many willing friends and co-workers, who begged us to send them more, and told us they were willing to try anything we would send them!  

    What began as a personal quest for healing these issues, became a business! We believe Creator God gave us many plants as well as animals to nourish our skin and body. We give God credit for all of these holistic formulations! 

    If you or your loved ones suffer from eczema or psoriasis we encourage you to research the underlying cause. Many times it can be much deeper than just the skin. Environmental allergens, petroleum based products, laundry detergents as well as food allergies can all play a part in skin conditions. 

    Our Simple Holistic Skincare products are Made in the USA and shipped from Myrtle Beach, SC.