Why Do Products Melt in the Heat?

Our goal at Kheyleve Naturals is to provide the best natural skincare products. We formulate without synthetic stabilizers or waxes. Our natural, organic products do not contain these synthetic ingredients, leaving them more sensitive to temperature changes. Products become vulnerable to melting after leaving our shop, just like shops that ship fine chocolates! In very warm weather some products may soften or melt in transit, sitting in a hot mailbox or on a warm porch. While we take preventative measures, melting is a natural reaction to heat that does not affect the quality or healing properties. Shipping conditions cannot be controlled, please understand we cannot be responsible for melted products.
What you can do about melting:
It is best to place products in the refrigerator for at least 2
hours before opening the containers once you receive them.

What we do to minimize melting
We use more protective packaging during hot weather
- We place ice packs in each package
- We ship on specific days for the shortest travel time.

Whipped Butters

Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that lighten the density, change the texture, and increase the volume, making the butter light and fluffy. Containers are initially filled to the top with product, however if a whipped
product melts, the air bubbles collapse, the volume is decreased and the product becomes more condensed. The product has the same beneficial properties, but if you prefer the whipped texture, it can be re-whipped in your mixer or with a wisk.

Some products are less heat sensitive Lotion bars are designed to melt with the aid of friction from rubbing, and so are made with firmer butters and beeswax.
Soap bars will not melt, although they may sweat in humid weather.