Why Do Products Melt in the Heat?

Our goal at Kheyleve is to provide the best natural skincare products. We formulate without synthetic stabilizers or waxes. Unlike commercial products that must have a long shelf life and can not melt, so they contain phthalates to stabilize and maintain viscosity (thickness), Cocamide DEA, MEA to thicken and stabilize and emulsify, petroleum based oils and waxes to thicken and stabilize. As well as other additives to ensure their products maintain the same consistency through all temperature variations.

Our natural, organic products do not contain these synthetic ingredients, making them sensitive to temperature changes.

The melting problem starts after leaving our shop- just like shops who make and ship fine chocolates in the summer months! During very warm summer months, some products may soften or even melt during their travels or after their arrival while sitting in a hot mailbox or on a warm porch. Since melting is a natural reaction to heat, and we have no control over the shipping conditions, please understand we can not be responsible for melted products.

What do about melting

It is best to place the entire package or individual products in the refrigerator for at least 5 hours, before opening jars or tins.
The quality and healing properties are not affected by melting.

What we are doing to help the problem
  • We use more protective packaging in the heat of the summer
  • We place ice packs in each package
  • We take them to the post office on specific days
Whipped Butters
  • Whipping adds tiny air bubbles (just like whipping cream) that lighten the density, change the texture, and increase the size. Making the butter light and fluffy.
  • If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles collapse, so the volume is decreased.
  • So even though the jar was filled to the top with the whipped product, once the butter melts there will be less volume in the container, but it's still just as dense.
You can always scoop out the melted butter and re-whip it yourself.
Some products are less heat sensitive.
Lotion bars- these contain firmer butters and beeswax; designed to melt with the aid of friction from rubbing.
Soap bars- will not melt, although they may sweat in humid weather.