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Which product should I buy?
Do you have eczema or psoriasis?
We have created a few products to help nourish skin with these issues. Our Just Lolo and Khey-STAT, used together, help create a moisturized barrier to sooth the skin. Layer the Khey-STAT over the Just Lolo, several times a day, to see improvement with these skin issues.

Do you have rosacea?
If you have this skin issue, products with essential oils MAY irritate sensitive skin.  We have several products that are essential oil free; Just Cheeky Face Balm, Just Lolo Body Butter, Just Lippy Lip Balm, and Khey-STAT Balm. Each of these products is safe for those with sensitive skin, including rosacea. Many customers have also had success with our Cherish Acne line, which has essential oils but is  designed for sensitive skin.

Do you have oily/acne prone skin?
Cherish Acne Moisturizer and Cleanser is made just for this! Used and tested on our own Kheyleve product manager, its helps balance the skins natural oils. It also works great at removing make-up, so no need to add an extra step for that. 

Do you have dry/combination skin?
Our Cherish Normal Cleanser, Day Time and Night Time Moisturizers are blended to help cleanse and moisturize the face, without leaving the skin greasy or oily. The Night Time Moisturizer can also be used during the day, for those with very dry skin.

What is the difference between the Day Time and Night Time Moisturizers?
The difference is how emollient each moisturizer is; Night Time being the more emollient of the two. It's formulated to bring more moisture to the skin, helping the skin to stay hydrated.