Just Lolo is the best body butter for you little one's skin.

Just LoLo

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Just Lolo is the best body butter for your little one's skin, or for those who have sensitive skin. Our organic and natural ingredients are safe for delicate skin, and its unscented formula makes it ideal for all skin types. Chemical and fragrance free, this body butter is amazing! Works to help those with eczema and psoriasis. A few things to note; the tallow in this needs to be warmed up between your hands and then applied to skin, otherwise it may feel a bit gritty, but its just the tallow in its all natural state. Warm it up a bit and it will be smooth. Made with organic Cocoa Butter giving this butter a slight chocolate smell.

Ingredients: *Tallow from organic grass-fed cows, *Shea butter, *Cocoa Butter, *Avocado oil,  *Coconut oil, and Pumpkin Seed Oil

 *Denotes an organic ingredient

Customer Reviews

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Exceeds Expectations!

I've had to be very picky with what goes on my skin as many products irritate it. The more I use it, the more impressed I become. Not only does it feel great, it smells amazing, and doesn't leave my face or scalp greasy. Great work guys!

Colorado Cold Approved

Living in Colorado with it being so dry here, our skin suffers something fierce. Especially for my kiddos. I’ve been using Kheyleves products now for 2 weeks and wow. What a difference. They look forward to applying the Lolo cream at night and the cheeky balm before heading out to school. Also the lip balm works miracles too. Thank you so much for creating natural products for my babies, that actually work. I’m using these products on my 6 year old son and 12 year old daughter. They love how it smells and how soft their faces are now. & Best of all no more chapped painful lips.

Just LoLo

Awesome, rich, skin soothing! Love this stuff, does not irritate my sensitive skin, calms the dry flaky conditions of eczema that I have problems with. This product has been a blessing of comfort.

Just LoLo

Love it!

Eczema gone

Love this product...Had a couple of spots of eczema that would not clear up. Used this 2x. GONE! Has not returned in 2 MOs. Relatives With same problem same response!