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Cherish Daytime Moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated with a protective barrier.

Cherish Facial Moisturizer Day Time Formula

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Kheyleve's Day Time Facial Moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, perfect for those who wear make up, or like a more natural look. You will be amazed at the radiance of your skin with this moisturizer! Great for normal to dry skin types. It’s packed with ingredients that not only optimally hydrate, but smell amazing! 


*What is the difference between the Day Time and Night Time Moisturizers?
The difference is how emollient each moisturizer is; Night Time being the more emollient of the two. It's formulated to bring more moisture to the skin, helping the skin to stay hydrated.*


*Tallow from Organic grass-fed cows, *Avocado Butter, * Beeswax, *Evening Primrose oil, *Moringa oil, *Pumpkin Seed oil, *Rosehip oil, Therapeutic grade essential oils: Frankincense, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Carrot Seed Oil.


As with any new facial product you need to allow 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to a new cleansing regimen. *Denotes organic ingredients

Net weight: 1.9 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Pamela Griggs
Cherish Daytime moisturizer

I spend a lot of time outside and since I turned 55 I started getting patches of flaky dry and red skin when the weather turns cold and the fireplaces are drying out the indoor air. Since I found Kheyleve products last year I have solved my winter dry skin troubles. Cherish for my face and neck has stopped the cold weather eczema breakouts around my eyebrows and eyes, behind my ears and around my mouth. It has kept my skin happy, protected and feeling moist all day. Really a great product that I don’t want to ever be without! I rely on some of the other Kheyleve products now too, the Lolo lavender whipped tallow for my body and legs and feet and the Just Lippy for lips is a personal must have too. I’ve never had any reaction to any of the products. They have all gone on like silk and felt and smelled wonderful. I Love these products!

Stef M
Love the Cherish!

This moisturizer is bar none the best I have tried. I live in a climate that has extremes. This product ensures my skin stays healthy.

Marilyn Brinkman
Great product

I'm thrilled as to how this takes care of my dry skin issue.

Sarah Long
Face cream

I love the face cream. I got the day and night time Cherish. When it comes to products, natural is best. I also believe in supporting Patriots and small businesses. Keep up the great work!

Lori Richmond

I switched to an all natural product. I have chosen to go to a facial moisturizer that is not made up of a plethora of chemicals with names that are a mouthful to pronounce or to figure out what their full purpose is. No more mystery. Your products work for me. I am satisfied with what Yahuah intended. A simple formula that comes from plants and animals that nourishes. I really like that it lasts a long time, doesn’t take much product to do the job.

Thank you,