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Cherish Daytime Moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated with a protective barrier.

Cherish Facial Moisturizer Day Time Formula

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Kheyleve's Day Time Facial Moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, perfect for those who wear make up, or like a more natural look. You will be amazed at the radiance of your skin with this moisturizer! Great for normal to dry skin types. It’s packed with ingredients that not only optimally hydrate, but smell amazing! 


*What is the difference between the Day Time and Night Time Moisturizers?
The difference is how emollient each moisturizer is; Night Time being the more emollient of the two. It's formulated to bring more moisture to the skin, helping the skin to stay hydrated.*


*Tallow from Organic grass-fed cows, *Avocado Butter, * Beeswax, *Evening Primrose oil, *Moringa oil, *Pumpkin Seed oil, *Rosehip oil, Therapeutic grade essential oils: Frankincense, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Carrot Seed Oil.


As with any new facial product you need to allow 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to a new cleansing regimen. *Denotes organic ingredients

Net weight: 1.9 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Love Kheyleve

Absolutely love my Cherish moisturizer!!! Customer service is excellent and shipping is very quick. Thanks Lisa

Jane Holiday
Dry Air Warrior

With Cherish Facial Moisturizer Daytime Formula my skin is able to defeat the dry Air of southern Idaho... Hallelujah!

Wow! Again!

These products are amazeballs! You won't be sorry. And Customer Service a top notch.

Judy Calmelat
Wonderful Priduct

I use it daily and my skin soaks it up and has become so smooth and any lines have become diminished. I love it. ❤️

Holly Capek-Hutchinson

I can't get enough of these products. I'm positively addicted. Just began using the Cherish line and within a week I had a friend ask me if I had had Botox! I look and feel fabulous and my skin feels divine. I'm so happy I discovered your brand. I'm a fan for life.