Natural Deodorant FAQ


Why should I use natural deodorant?

Khey-Fresh All Over deodorant is made from simple, clean ingredients that actually work to prevent odor without harmful chemicals!! Our formula is backed by world-class science, research, and ingredient sourcing for a high-quality product with nothing to hide. Plus it's designed to be used ANYWHERE (externally) you have odor!

How do I apply natural deodorant?

Using clean fingertips scoop a small amount and apply to clean dry areas where you want to avoid odor. Let it dry for a few minutes before putting on clothing. 

Any residual product doesn’t need to be washed off, simply rub it onto an area, such as a skin fold or area you can use a little freshness. Our deodorant is different than commercial deodorants. It’s more like skincare, it can even be used on areas of skin irritation as the tallow and minerals facilitate healing!

I’ve used Khey-Fresh for a week, should I still sweat? I don't think it's working. 

Khey-Fresh is a deodorant NOT an anti-perspirant, so YES you will still sweat but should not have body odor. Sweating may diminish over time, but if you have breakthrough odor try using a little extra during application. 

I noticed some skin irritation when I started using this product, is this normal?

Yes, if you’ve just switched from a chemical-based deodorant or antiperspirant or have just shaved, you may experience some initial irritation. Your body may need a week or so to adjust.

Our bodies enjoy consistency, and are quite resistant to even positive change and might react to disruption. When we change anything, especially something we’ve been doing for a long time, whether it be diet, exercise, skin care, shampoo, or deodorant, our body simply needs time to accept the change.

My deodorant is too hard/soft to use, what should I do?

Khey-Fresh is made with organic butters and should be kept between 68°- 85°F for proper dispensing.

  • During Winter Months: Using cold product from the Khey-Fresh Jar, you may find that it feels a little hard or lumpy. Simply warm it between your fingers and then apply. 
  • During Summer Months: Kheyleve Naturals doesn’t use any unnecessary waxes or hardeners so it’s not unusual for your product to arrive very soft.  Don't fret, this will in no way compromise the effectiveness of the product.  Simply place the container in your fridge for about an hour and then allow it to come to room temperature. Your product will be as good as new!

Does natural deodorant work the same for everyone?

No, not all body chemistry is the same. More than any other hygiene product, a deodorant’s effectiveness can be impacted by gender, age, race, hormone fluctuations, diet, health and even medications.  That's simply the nature of all deodorants, especially 100% natural ones.