Boost pampers your feet while helping your body remain healthy!

Boost Foot Lotion Bar

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Help keep your body healthy with an optimal immune system. Boost Lotion Bar is designed to be used at night before bed. It helps soften heels and helps maintain your body's natural immunity.  Made with natural and organic ingredients,  no chemicals or fragrances. The wonderful blend of essential oils gives this a pleasing smell similar to pumpkin pie spice, which is very soothing, and relaxing when used before bed.

We love products that do dual duty! Boost pampers your feet while helping your body remain healthy!

Ingredients : *Tallow from Grass Fed Cows, *Coconut Oil, *Beeswax, *Shea Butter, Allspice, orange, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon cassia, clove, cinnamon bark, and rosemary essential oils

*Denotes organic ingredients 

**not recommended for use on children under 2 years of age

 Net Wt: 1.9 oz

Customer Reviews

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Great products

I have really enjoyed using the foot lotion bar. Will buy this one again!

Mom loves it

I gave Boost to mom on Mother's Day. She says her feet have never looked or felt better. She wanted another one for herself & one for my sister. I think you have a long-term satisfied customer.

Totally solved my skin issues when Western Medicine failed!

I have eczema or psoriasis on my elbow. Dermatologist didn’t know exactly but wanted to prescribe either a topical steroid or topical biologic to combat it. I however, have glaucoma & steroids are contraindicated for people with glaucoma. My insurance wouldn’t pay for biologic until I tried steroid topical. I wanted to do neither. Just wanted to know what it was. I combined topical hyaluronic acid with Kheyleve’s Boost Lotion Bar and the skin problem is solved! Thank you Kheyleve!!! I will be a loyal customer from here forward!

I do not go a day without Boost

I love Kheyleve products. Boost is one of my favorites. I put it on everyday. For me it makes a difference.

Smells wonderful

I love this product. I use it every night and there’s a big difference. I highly recommend it.