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Boost Foot Lotion Bar

Boost Foot Lotion Bar

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Boost Foot Lotion Bar  Help keep your body healthy with an optimal immune system. Boost Lotion Bar is designed to be used at night before bed. It helps soften heels and helps maintain your body's natural immune system.  Made with natural and organic ingredients, no chemicals or fragrances. The wonderful blend of essential oils gives this a pleasing smell similar to pumpkin pie spice, which is very soothing, and relaxing when used before bed.

We love products that do dual duty! Boost pampers your feet while helping your body remain healthy!

 Net Wt: 1.9 oz


*Tallow from Grass Fed Cows, *Coconut Oil, *Beeswax, *Shea Butter,
Allspice, orange, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon cassia, clove, cinnamon
bark, and rosemary essential oils

*Denotes organic ingredients 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
This stuff is a miracle!

I've had a cyst on the side of my thumb for years. the last couple of years it gets red, hot and you can see a white dot that is some kind of pus and I've always had to go to Urgent Care where they numb it (shot to numb is the worst) and then they use a scalpel to cut it open and squeeze out the pus, then put me on antibiotics. Have been doing this 3 times a year. Well i finally decided to try this foot bar on it, rub it on every day and put a band aid over it, then pull it off around lunchtime, repeat this each day. Within 3 days the top of it that gets hard just sloughed off. 1 week later it was 70% smaller. Now months later it's almost flat. I couldn't be happier. Even if it doesn't completely go away, the fact that it's not getting abscessed again is fine by me. Doctors all said I would need to see a hand specialist to get it removed and it would cost thousands. I 100% recommend this!!

Cherry Norris
Boost Foot Lotion Bar is AWESOME!

The bottom of my feet are typically dry and cracked. I’ve tried so many lotions that only provide temporary relief. When Lisa at Kheyleve suggested I try her foot lotion bar I was skeptical but took the risk! What a difference! The lotion bar goes on easily and my feet stay moisturized and healed! Highly recommend this product … as well as the Orange Blossom Lolo butter!

MOO 🐮 VALOUS for your feet

One of my more recent purchases, if you’re going to Khyleve … do it right … all the way down to your feet. I use it after my shower at night before bed and absolutely love how easy it is to apply! I get in bed with peace of mind & happy knowing I’m properly balanced from my head down to my feet with Kheyleve. Many thanks to Khyleve, God bless 🙏❤️🐮❤️🙏

Tallow Bar

Love the tallow bars. Would order again.

Marsha Gilliard
Better heels!

This has really helped my heals. Iam very glad I tried this product.