Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

Cleansing my face with tallow and oils...really?  That seems so counterintuitive, especially for oily skin! Won't that just make my skin oilier, attract dirt and clog pores?  Nope!

When the organic tallow and oils in the Cherish Facial Cleanser are massaged into your skin, they work to bond with and dissolve the naturally occurring oil that accumulates and the pollutants it's attracted.  When all that is gently steamed and wiped away, your skin is left with a natural protective moisture barrier and balanced oil production. A spritz of refreshing natural Tea Tree ACV Toner and your face is calm, cool and collected.  

Attempting to clean your face with harsh chemical cleansers might feel like you have a good deep clean with a nice tingly sting...mission accomplished right!?  But have you noticed how oily you are a little later or the next morning?  That's just because you have oily skin, right?  Maybe your skin does naturally produce a little extra oil but stripping it with harsh cleansers tells your skin to produce a lot extra!  So you grab the extra strength cleanser, and now you have lots of oil production and dead skin cells to clog your pores.  How about dig all that out with an abrasive sponge or scrub that has jagged bits that create micro abrasions.  Now you have breakouts and the need for extra makeup and remover, and how about some alcohol-based astringent or some acne treatment cream to teach those pimples a real burning lesson!?.  It's a never-ending self-perpetuating cycle!!  

The key is to allow your skin to find its natural balance.  It may take a couple of weeks and even a few break outs as your skin purges the junk, but it will be worth it!  You might even want to ditch the thick foundations and concealers all together! 



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