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Sometimes, as a formulator, it can be a little frustrating dealing with the variations of organic ingredients. This past month we got in a new batch of Grass-Fed Tallow. I noticed it looked different and was much softer than what we normally get. When we started making the products, we quickly realized, we needed to reformulate EVERY "recipe"!! We went to work calculating, hoping we wouldn't have to throw away what we were making if we got it wrong! Fortunately, we got it right and we were able to figure it out!

No matter if you are making Goats Milk soap, or Tallow based skincare, you are at the whim of nature. With Tallow, these animals are seasonally grazed, and not offered genetically modified fodder. We take pride that our Tallow comes from 100% Grass-Fed cows. The hardness, color, smell of rendered Tallow will vary by season, breed and age, as well as chlorophyll and carotenoid level in a particular grass species. Tallow can vary in color and may have a more pronounced color or smell throughout the seasons, especially among dairy producing heritage breeds.

We always strive to use the same suppliers for our organic ingredients, for consistency in our products. However, due to the fact nature changes, our products from time to time may seem a bit different. All our products are hand-crafted, meaning they aren't made in a lab. You always can be rest assured, we do our best to make sure you have the best sourced skincare products we can possibly make for you, NO chemicals, all organic and best of all, Made in America!

Warm Regards,

Lisa Hood, owner and formulator Kheyleve Naturals


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Just started using LoLo for area on my calf that Im having radiation on . So far it’s been 2 days and I love the product for my leg area ! Will continue to keep you informed as I have weeks ahead of treatment . Prayers tumor shrinks fast please .
Cindy Roderer

I just ordered more LoLo skin care lotion. I love this product. I use it every single day. I have very dry skin and this product has made a huge difference. I will never use store bought skin moisturizers again. I hope the new version is just as good as the “whipped” version as I have not tried the new formulation. I have no doubt that it will be just as good, if not better than the whipped version. I am so happy I found this product on the Dilley show.


I have held back from giving a review on the Cherish line as I wanted get the full experience of this product. I wasn’t too sure at first, you definitely have to use sparingly! I am halfway thru my first tub of Cherish and have already ordered another because I never want to go without this product!! It does not sit heavy on your skin, and it has never looked better. Lifetime customer!!!


Hi guys,
Just wanted to say that my wife uses your products all of the time. Last week, one of her patients said they thought she was maybe 45. She turns 60 this August! Thanks Kheyleve!

Tom Leemans

Hi Lisa, wanted you to know I am delighted with the Cherish facial cleanser. I have many of your products and this one is ranked in the top “10”. Leaves my sensitive skin so soft and subtle. Thank you for creating your amazing products.

C. Waters

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