Just Cheeky is a multi-purpose tallow balm great for chapped skin or eczema.

Just Cheeky

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Please check out our Khey-Dude Face Balm; it's the same formulation as the Just Cheeky. We're working on condensing our product line for easier shopping.

Kheyleve's Just Cheeky is a multi-purpose tallow balm. Use it for babies chapped little cheeks from wind or from teething. Also great for elbows for those who suffer from eczema, cradle cap in newborns, or use on cuticles. It has organic ingredients and no fragrance or essential oils, making it the go-to balm for all skin types.

Ingredients: *Tallow from Organic grass fed cows,*Beeswax,*Cocoa Butter,*Avocado Oil

*Denotes organic ingredients

** Please note Just Cheeky and Khey Dude Face Balm are made to be similar. We, at the request of our male customers designed a product packaged with a masculine look, so take a look at our Khey-Dude Face Balm.”

Net weight: 0.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Just Cheeky

Perfect for soothing/healing eczema

This is the best product I have found to treat the cracking eczema on my feet. It softens the skin and helps to seal the cracks. Also, since there are no added fragrances or essential oils, it doesn’t sting when applied to open wounds. Love this stuff!

Just cheeky

This is one of my favorite Kheyleve products. I have very sensitive skin & it hasn't been easy to find fragrance free products that work. Applying the balm is very easy. I swear my fine lines are less noticeable & my jawline appears to be firmer. I gave this to my mom for her splitting nails. She says just cheeky is helping to repair them. An all around great product & I think it'd be awesome if Kheyleve makes a tinted version one day.

3 yr old daughter loves it!

My 3 yr old daughter gets dry skin and she loves applying the just cheeky stick all by herself. It's also perfect when you're busy and on the go.