Dilley Deal

Dilley Deal

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This weeks Dilley Deal is perfect for Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

Khey-Tatt- Super hydrating and non greasy, it helps keep new ink moisturized and also is perfect for minor skin abrastions. It also helps to sooth irritated skin. 

Khey-Dude Arctic Face Balm- Protect your face from harsh weather; wind, cold, heat, or pollution. Helps sooth chapped, dry, and flaky skin. 

Khey-Dude Arctic Hand Balm- Made for those with “worker hands”, be it from working out in extreme weather, completing the WOD of the day, or banging around on the snow machine. This is THE hand balm for you!

Khey-Glo Lavender Mint Lotion Bar- Show your skin some love with our popular lotion bar! It's invigorating scent should be reason enough to use it, but the nourishment to your skin is the real reason you will fall in love with it!

Just Lippy- Show your lips the love they deserve, with lip balm made with nourishing ingredients! Safe for lips of all ages, this is a must have to keep on your person. 

Khey-Tatt Ingredients: *Tallow, *avocado oil, *coconut oil, *cocoa butter, *shea butter, *beeswax, *avocado butter, *calendula oil, *cottonwood balsm

Khey-Dude Arctic Face Balm ingredients: *Tallow, *beeswax, *cocoa butter, *avocado oil

Khey-Dude Arctic Hand Balm ingredients: *Tallow, *beeswax, *cocoa butter, *avocado oil, *pumpkin seed oil, *calendula oil, *lavender, *melaleuca, *frankincense essential oils

Khey-Glo Lavender Mint Lotion Bar ingredients: *Tallow, *beeswax, *cocoa butter, *coconut oil, *avocado oil, *pumpkin seed oil, *lavender and peppermint essential oils 

Just Lippy ingredients: *Tallow, *beeswax, *coconut oil, *cocoa butter, *avocado oil

 **Please READ each products description and ingredients, before ordering.**

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Dilley Deal


I love the products in this bundle. Great for stocking stuffers!

Great Products

Thank you for the Dilley deal as those will be Christmas presents and the Kheyleve Cherish is for me and I have been using it everyday and I can feel the difference in my face. Thank you for great customer service.

Dilley Deal

I have very dry skin and I am getting older so my skin is thinnning. I am on blood thinners so that happens. I love The LoLo cream! It is helping my problem areas. Love Dilley too and watch everyday! Thank you for these great products!

Perfect gift

I was so impressed with the products I purchased from Kheyleve that I sent a Dilley Deal package to my daughter, much to her delight.